Rules and Regulation

Students are expected to attend school daily in proper neatly dressed at all times.

Students are not allowed to wear jewellery or make-up.

Students are not allowed to bring money or other valuable items to school. The school will not be responsible for loss of personal items.

Books must be neatly covered and the name of owner properly and clearly written.

Belongings of students such as bags, cardigans, pencil boxes etc. should be marked for easy identification.

Punctuality is essential and students must report to school on time. Once they come to school they are not allowed to go out of the campus without permission from the Principal.

Students are not allowed to leave school in the course of the day.

If a student is absent from school the reason of his/her absence must be recorded in the relevant section of the school diary and shown to the class teacher. The parent must sign this entry.

If a student is absent for more than 4 days because of illness, a Medical Certificate is required.

A student suffering from contagious diseases like Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, etc. must not be sent to school till the quarantine period is over.

Application for leave of absence must be submitted in advance to the Principal. Work missed by absent student must be made up on their own.

The use of the telephone is restricted to emergencies only and may be used only with permission.

Chewing gum is not allowed.

Students must BRING their diary to school everyday.

Parents are requested to check the school diary and acknowledge receipt of circulars.

Parents are requested to inform us immediately if there be any change in their address or telephone number.

List of Holidays

New Admission 2nd April (Tuesday-2019)

Bengali New Year 15th April (Monday-2019)

Good Friday 19th April (Friday-2019)

May Day 1st May (Wednesday-2019)

Summer Vacation 11th May (Saturday-2019)

School Re-Opens on 11th June (Tuesday-2019)

ID-UZ-Zuha 12th August (Monday-2019)

Independence Day & Raksha Bandhan 15th August (Thursday-2019)

Janmashtami 23rd August (Friday-2019)

Moharram 10th September (Tuesday-2019)

Puja Vacation 28th September (Saturday-2019)

School Re-Opens on 14th October (Monday-2019)

New Session Starts 15th October (Tuesday-2019)

Diwali & Kali Puja 28th October (Monday-2019)

School Re-Opens on 4th November (Monday-2019)

Guru Nanak Birthday 12th November (Tuesday-2019)

Winter Holiday Starts 21st December (Saturday-2019)

School Re-Opens on 15th January (Wednesday-2019)

Netaji’s Birthday 23rd January (Thursday-2020)

Holi 9th March (Monday-2020) & 10th March (Tuesday-2020)

Session Break 27th March (Friday-2020)

School Re-Opens on 1st April (Wednesday-2020)

New Admission 2nd April (Thursday-2020)


Summer   5 Weeks

Puja           4 Weeks

Winter       3 Weeks