Services and Commitments


Our MONTESSORI encourages the child, as the days advance, start interacting among them and play in groups as a part of confidence building measure and communication development exercise. These activities help kids enjoy school coming. The singing of melodious rhymes and poems coupled with dramatic movements of limbs and playing of music involves the children so much that they recall the acts even when they go home. The medium of instruction is English however some children speaking only vernacular start following their teachers,

Extra Curricular

For all round development of the children we encourage participation in extra curricular activities like art and craft, dance, singing and storytelling.

Language and Literacy development

Literacy refers to the reading and writing skills that allow children to communicate with the world around them, enjoy stories and poems, and achieve what is expected of them at school. Language focuses on the oral aspect of communication: listing, speaking and interpreting non verbal cues to communication.
The focus is on developing language as well as literacy skills. Children are provided with opportunities to express self, participate in conversation ask question and use their emerging reading skills to make meaning from print. Language is one of the most important areas of child development. Our communication skills set as apart and it unites us with each other.

Our Team

Montessori Bal Nilaya, is proud to possess a faculty team of highly qualified and competent teachers with teaching experience in kolkata. 
With the aim to ensure high standards of quality education the faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis. All faculty members are subject to regular review and from the evaluation, further training needs are identified. Faculty undergoes mandatory training sessions that are planned yearly, in areas such as teaching methodologies, use of technology in class and such related subjects. It is pertinent to place on record with gratitude the increased amount of workload the faculty members have taken on themselves to improve the academic standards of the school.

Our Core Values


Developing Innovative ideas and putting them into practice sucessfully; ‘non rote’ learning


Foster an environment that respects and promotes creativity.


We put our key stakeholder, namely the child, at the center of our existence.


The best solution comes only when we work together and approach solution and methodology that imbibes our combined experience.


Pursue development of quality products and services-best in class that set benchmarks for the industry. Transparency, dignity, respect for self and others


Engagement with the community requires that not only the process, but also every action involved, be done with integrity. This includes the initial discussions, the development of a process, and its execution.